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Thermal Disc Printers


▇  Rimage Blu-ray/CD/DVD Thermal Printer


Rimage Prism III Blu-ray/CD/DVD Thermal Printer

- Disc Input: 1 Disc


▇  Rimage AutoPrism III CD/DVD Thermal Printer


Rimage AutoPrism III CD/DVD Thermal Printer

- Disc Input: 1 Disc


Print a variety of discs quickly and cost-effectively with our collection of Rimage thermal printers! Our high-quality thermal disc printers are designed for high-volume applications where speed and efficiency are of the utmost importance.

An international leader in on-demand digital publishing, Rimage Corporation has manufactured premium thermal disc printers since 1995. Rimage consistently designs thermal printers that you can depend on for all your in-office disc printing needs.

Thermal CD printers utilize a heat transfer ribbon which prints onto the surface of compatible discs. The printers in our collection are compatible with CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. These thermal DVD printers feature ribbon saver technology to help minimize ribbon waste and lower your overall printing costs.

Our CD DVD thermal disc printers also include a print head integrity check feature to ensure high-quality images and a ribbon validation feature to monitor ribbon usage and to indicate when ribbon capacity is running low.

RunTechMedia is passionate about providing you with quality thermal printers at an affordable price. Save more without sacrificing quality with RunTechMedia’s CD DVD thermal printers!