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Blu-ray Media

Blu-ray media is ideal for storing large, high-definition audio and video files. Our blank Blu- ray media discs come in rewriteable and dual layer options in a variety of storage capacities. Customize yours with Blu-ray duplicator printing or leave as is.


BD-R or Blu-ray Recordable discs are basic Blu-ray discs that can handle more than three times the storage capacity of a DVD.

  • Storage Space: BD-R discs are designed with a single layer and can handle up to 25GB of data.
  • Recording Capacity: BD-R media can only be recorded over once, making it ideal for important audio or video you want to save permanently.
  • Resolution: BD-R discs can handle high definition media up to 1080p resolution.


BD-RE or Blu-ray Re-writeable discs are just like BD-R media but with flexibility in recording.

  • Storage Space: BD-RE discs are built with a single layer and can handle up to 25GB of audio and video data.
  • Recording Capacity: Unlike BD-R, you can rewrite over content or add fresh content on BD-RE up to 1,000 times.
  • Resolution: BD-RE media can handle large and high definition files up to 1080p resolution.


BD-R DL or Blu-ray Dual Layer discs are a step up from BD-R because they can handle double the media.

  • Storage Space: Unlike single-layer BD-R discs, BD-R DL discs are designed with dual layers. They can store up to 50GB of audio and video media.
  • Recording Capacity: Like BD-R, BD-R DL discs are only designed for one-time recording.
  • Resolution: BD-R DL discs process Blu-ray media up to 1080p in resolution.


Just like BD-R DL, BD-RE DL or Re-writeable Dual Layer Blu-ray discs can store up to 50GB. They have almost limitless recording ability.

  • Storage Space: BD-RE DL discs have two layers and can hold up to 50GB of high definition audio and video files.
  • Recording Capacity: BD-RE DL discs are re-writeable. You can add content and record over content as many as 1,000 times.
  • Resolution: These discs are designed to play back audio and video in 1080p resolution.

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