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CD/DVD/Blu-ray Media


CD/DVD/Blu-ray Media

Blu-ray Media

High-Definition (HD) - Blu-ray discs are designed especially to store large HD video and audio files.

DVD Media

We provide a variety of DVD formats and styles. Just click and view, get your backup media now!

CD Media

Store your special selections of audio and data on a Compact Disc (CD) selected from various brands.







RunTechMedia offers a wide selection of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray blank media disc options. We offer products from brands including: Optical Quantum, Verbatim, Maxwell, and even our own! Our selection includes inkjet and thermal media discs that are suitable for use in their compatible disc printers. We also carry discs with various capacities and formatting abilities. Find the media discs that suit your needs and produce reliable copies. If you aren’t sure about which blank media you need, feel free to contact us today!

All Your Media Needs Covered

Whether you’re searching for the latest Blu-ray burner discs or are looking to backup those old audio files on a CD, we’ve got your media needs covered. Choose from Blu-ray, DVD, and CD blank discs and get exactly the features you need.

Blu-Ray Media

For the best in HD video and audio storage, look no further than blank Blu-ray media. We carry a huge assortment of Blu-ray media and burner discs for all recording capacities.

  • Formats: We carry Blu-ray media in BD-R, BD-R DL, BD-R LTH, BD-RE, BD-RE DL, and Archival formats.
  • Storage Space: Blu-ray burner discs are perfect for larger HD files. Get yours in 25GB all the way up to 50GB capacities.
  • Surface Style: Customize your Blu-ray media with a printable disc surface. Our discs come in Inkjet and Thermal printing options, as well as plain silver and branded styles.
  • Rewrite Ability: Never waste another disc. We carry rewriteable formats so you always have the option to record over media you no longer need.


DVD Media

For smaller file sizes and basic video and audio, store your media on DVDs. We carry DVD burner discs in a variety of formats and capacities.

  • Formats: Our DVDs come in a huge range of formats so you get exactly the features you need. These include:
    • DVD+R
    • DVD+R DL
    • DVD+RW
    • DVD-R
    • DVD-R Double Sided
    • DVD-RAM
    • DVD-RAM DL
    • DVD-RW
  • Storage Space: DVDs are perfect for lower definition media and smaller files. Choose from standard 4.7GB discs as well as capacities from 1.4GB up to 8.5GB.
  • Surface Style: Choose from printable and permanent options. Print on blank media discs using Inkjet, Thermal, LightScribe, and LabelFlash technology, or keep it simple with a plain silver or branded surface.
  • Recording Speed: Don’t get bogged down. Choose from recording speeds ranging from 2.4x to 16x.


CD Media

Not everything has to be stored on the cloud. Backup your special audio and data files permanently on our printable blank CDs instead!

  • Formats: Our CDs come in CD-R, CD-R Digital Audio, CD-R Mini, CD-RW, and Archival formats.
  • Storage Space: Get up to 700MB in storage capacity.
  • Surface Style: Choose from printable disc options including Inkjet, Thermal, and LightScribe technology or go with basic silver and branded options.


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